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Kerry Underwood’s masterful, encyclopaedic blog on relief from sanctions – a must read!

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The Mitchell case dominates discussions and has provoked fury amongst lawyers and is now simply being ignored by many judges in many courts who are in open rebellion in a manner unprecedented in recent times.

Barrister Gordon Exall refers to “mayhem and madness” following the Mitchell decision and says:

“When the matter is reviewed in the fullness of time it is likely that it will be seen as a major setback to the principles of case management.  It has allowed the rules to become an end in themselves”.

I am greatly indebted to Gordon Exall ( for much of the information in this piece.  Gordon’s blog is essential reading for all litigators.  You can also follow Gordon on Twitter @CivilLitTweet.

Receiving far less attention is a very different decision of the Court of Appeal, but one which enjoys equal status to Mitchell

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Written by Jon Williams

February 25, 2014 at 6:23 pm

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